Monthly Archive for October, 2006

What’s that about the back Jack?

Man, did my back in AGAIN on Sunday, that’s twice in 6 months. Seriously, I’m really gonna have to do some exercises to strengthen it or something. All’s I was doing was riding my BMX home from work (had to work on the weekend) it was a little cold like 10?c or something and I bunnyhopped up a gutter and click, that was it. So now I’ve got a couple of days off in which I can do nothing other than lie the hell down, Brilliant!!

Birthday Wishes :)

Friend called Jules’ birthday today so……………………… 🙂 😀

Happy Birthday Jules!!

egoexpress @ watergate

Had a pretty nice weekend the weekend just passed, friday night went to a place called “White Trash Fast Food” which is kinda like a bar/club/restaurant. It’s pretty large with quite a few floors and was packed. On the bottom is the dancefloor where various DJ’s and bands play. Nice music, was a bit eclectic on the Friday but I’ll probably be back there this Thursday to see what they have to offer.

White Trash

Saturday night we went to Watergate in X-berg (just across the water from Universal) where egoexpress were playing, if you don’t know who egoexpress are I recommend having a listen to some of their stuff. Below I’ve got a video with the first track from their new album “Hot Wire My Heart”. This, although a very nice track, is somewhat dissimilar to a lot of their other tunes so if you don’t like it, don’t be dissuaded. Essentially they are an Electro duo and they were playing live on this night, I gotta say……………… was banging!! Excellent example of how to do a live set and get the crowd moving. Anyone who hasn’t been to Watergate yet has gotta go, been a few times now since coming to Germany and I’ve gotta say it’s wicked!!

[video width="425" height="335" src="" /]

Finally!! Some photos

To the guys out there that wanted to have some photos, I know I’ve been promising them for ages but finally here they are. Just click on the link to the right ‘photos’, it’s probably easier if you open it in a new window………….up to you really. I’ll try and keep them updated (I promise 😉 )