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Ain’t Life Grand?

You know, if there weren’t dramas in life it’d be kinda boring huh? It’s just, how many dramas does one need?

Went to IKEA on the weekend to pick up some much needed things i.e. a bed, a couch, a deskchair and whatnot and was happy with the shopping experience (as far as shopping experiences go anywho!!) Seeing as the last mission we had there we hired a van and brought the stuff back ourselves we thought that we’d make it easy on ourselves this time and get it all delivered. Generally one can’t complain about IKEA, it looks nice and is relatively cheap. Sometimes (as in the past) you have to return bits because they’re broken, but for the price you kinda expect that so it’s ok.

Anyway, the delivery guy said he’d be at our place between 4-5pm which was great because it gave us time to go to the bikeshop to drop it in and get the wheels trued (from my accident with the car the other week). I think I should remind everyone here that Berlin is a BIG place, everything is sooooo spread out that it generally takes at least half an hour to get anywhere. Also, because of the church, everything is closed on Sunday, therfore you have to squeeze everthing you need to do into Saturday. So, back to my point, delivery guy 4-5pm, we were at the bikeshop which is (funnily enough) about 1/2 an hour from our house at around 2.30pm and my phone rings. It’s the delivery guy saying that he’s out the front of our place and where are we?


So, we raced back to our house (record time 20mins) to meet the very pissed off for no reason delivery guy to accept our goods. They hadn’t been treated so well on the way to our place, holes in boxes, visibly ripped fabric (underneath the couch so it didn’t matter) but come on!, are we paying for a service or a disservice?? Took the boxes inside, signed the delivery form begrudgingly and left our place straight away because we still had another million and one things to do.

When we finally got home from shopping (I was buggered) but it was time to put the things together. We started with the couch which was a pretty straight forward affair and moved on to the deskchair, oh oh, wrong base on the chair. It can’t go up or down or tilt back, oh well, it’s pretty light and can be taken back to IKEA for replacement on the S-Bahn relatively easily (forgot to mention that IKEA is a long way away;)). Still a pain in the ass but hey-ho!!

Moved on to the bed, opened up the first box and all looked well, four white legs on which the bed sits . Ina opened the second box and looked inside and said to me “why is it blue?”. I looked and initially thought that it was just undercoat on the inside pieces of the bed but boy was I wrong. Yes, we had a baby blue, wrong sized bed. Gotta say, fan fucking tastic!!!!! The box’s serial number matched up with that on the order form so it was either a matter of incorrect purchase order or incorrect product in box. I am quite sure it is the latter as I have found this product nowhere on any IKEA site. I’m sure when we return it the people at IKEA won’t even know what it is. Makes you kinda wonder how many other people this has happened to.

So excellent; the biggest and heaviest thing has to be returned to a store ages away by public transport before the end of today. Why? Because Dan, a friend from Sydney, is arriving tommorrow and is staying at our place therefore it needs to be tidy and we can’t be sleeping on the floor anymore. I tell you what, that’s just gonna be fantastic at the end of an 8hour day at work. Not to mention I also have to pick up my bike from the bikeshop and get a new mouse from Apple because the one Ina received with her computer doesn’t work.

Today is going to be a great day!!!! Hallelujah……………


Sometimes it’s funny huh? The week seems to crawl along but then in retrospect it feels like it’s flown. Regardless, I’m still pretty happy it’s the weekend.Dragster Crash
On a sad note, I’m not sure if any of you are familiar with Richard Hammond, he’s one of the presenters from a TV program called ‘Top Gear’. As part of the show he was driving a jet-powered dragster and was reportedly trying to set a new land speed record for Brittain when it overturned. Speeds of up to 280mph were achieved when the accident happened and he is now in a critical condition. The pity about this accident (apart from the sorrow it has caused his family) is that a bunch of whinging knobs are now calling for the show to be canned. They claim that it is a show based on speed and is therefore a danger to the viewing public. I mean seriously, have they ever even watched the program? It’s enjoyable not just because of the cars they’re testing but because of the hosts and their comical abilities. I love this show and it would be a pity to see it go, especially in lue of such a tragic accident.

It really errs me, I here you asking what?…………….it’s people!!……………..I mean, it’s just like my Ma used to say to me as a kid “just because you see someone jump of a cliff doesn’t mean that you should!” and exactly the same applies for TV programs and the like. I mean…………seriously. It’s a television program about cars, if they didn’t test fast cars and cars out of the “normal persons” reach and do crazy silly things no one would watch it. IT WOULD BE BORING!!

Anyway 😉

Rotten Apple

So here I am and here I stay, stuck in the office for the last couple of days whilst out the window I bear witness to truly beautiful weather……………….such is life. Slowly my blog is coming together, I’ve added a couple of plugins to it, one being flickrRSS and the other one WP-Cache. FlickrRSS is what is enabling the pictures in the sidebar which will soon be pictures from me (they’re just random at the moment) and WP-Cache speeds up the load times of my pages. I’d like to get some kind of photo album on a separate page but that will take a bit more time. At least now I have the links and things showing up!!

Anyways, between working and typing this it is now pitch black outside (so much for the sunny day), although I’ll still be here for quite some time longer. Don’t know if anyone’s taken a look, but iTunes 7 is out and it is completely excellent. Some users are supposedly having problems but I daresay the majority of them are caused by stupidity rather than any ‘real’ problems. In saying that I don’t doubt for a second that there are some users out there who are experiencing very real problems. Just like ever since I updated OSX to 10.4.7 and now certain applications make the fans in the G5 whir like a jet aircraft. There are so many forums concerning this problem in various other peoples G5’s and MacBook Pro’s but there ain’t no fix for us unlucky ones (perhaps when 10.4.8 comes out it’ll fix it?). Great…………..thanks Apple!! Even though I like their products and their operating system I gotta say that sometimes I think they’re out of touch with their users.

I mean, get this for an example, I’ve had so many problems with Apple Service in the past that I am now a very cautious user so when I booked my generation 5 iPod in for a service (under warranty) I was very specific as to what exactly was wrong with it. Did my instructions help? Did they even read my comments as to what was, and still is wrong with the fucking thing. It’s a very simple problem to ascertain I would have thought, all any Apple idiot had to do was to use the thing for 5 seconds before realising that the centre button is fucked (excuse my French). No, instead it came back to me with a note saying that it had been tested, the latest software had been installed (which it already had anyway) and that it was working fine. Brilliant!!! Thanks for that test result you bunch of incompetent wankers. Don’t worry, I’m not losing any sleep over it, as I mentioned earlier I’m a Pro when it comes to Apple Support fuck-ups.

So now I’ve gotta send it in again but guess what………….I can’t. Why? Because Apple haven’t (and supposedly can’t) take it out of their system so that I can book it in again. Now, as I’ve been told by a phone support guy, I have to waste what little free time I have by taking it to an Apple Center or an authorised Apple Repair Agent to determine whether it has been deliberately broken or not. What a joke!! Yes, I deliberately broke my iPod so that I can’t use it anymore, WHAT THE??

Apple…………………….products great, service sucks ass!!

Sick :(

Today I am officially ill, I mean really, really sick. I woke up this morning at 5:50am cause I had to get to work at 7:00am and I felt like hell, had a shower and things were worse. So I decided I’d stay home sick but then remembered I had training (oh GOD!!) and thought I’d better go to that. I’ve also never been correctly informed as to what specific number I should call if I am sick……………………….in I went. To be honest with you, I’m not too sure if I learnt much more than I already knew but I guess any little piece of knowledge is better than none.

Now I’m back home and think I’ll go to bed (although the beer in the fridge is calling out my name) WHAT!!?? How can I feel like beer when I’m so ill? I know; it just doesn’t make any sense. Anyways, just received a call from my agency informing me that my contract will go through on the 30th which is, if anything, certainly a relief. Jobs aren’t too easy to come by in Berlin (especially if your German is improving at the rate of a snail) 🙂

So, I’m keeping this one short and sweet, if anything interesting did happen today then I’ve already forgotten about it already (guess it wasn’t that important anyway!). Till tommorrow……….